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The trailers for the Celebrity 'Gogglebox' special are here and we're excited

Featuring Liam Gallagher, Jeremy Corbyn and Big Narstie, obviously

The trailers for the Celebrity 'Gogglebox' special are here and we're excited

Regardless of how much you shout “WE WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER ON THIS THAN THEM” whilst watching Gogglebox, it’s still very funny and I believe, a wholesome and worthwhile way to spend your precious time. Yep, watching other people watch TV is a thing, and it’s great.

But whhhhaaaatttt about those elusive celebs? They don’t watch television, do they? They’re far too busy doing celebrity things like doing PAs at nightclubs and stuffing as much [REDACTED] up their noses as they can.

Except when it’s for charity, of course, because that’s when celebrities force themselves to do things they normally wouldn’t, because otherwise they’ll look bad. And no self-respecting singer, actor or politician wants that, now, do they? As such, a bunch of famous faces have rallied together in a variety of living rooms that resolutely aren’t theirs, and have filmed a celebrity special of Gogglebox, all for Stand Up To Cancer 2017.

And here are the first two trailers for ya, hot off the trailer park:

Yep, I shall be watching this. I mean it’s not a proper episode without Leon and June, but I reckon I’ll cope. In fact, I’d watch it if it was only Big Narstie sitting on a sofa shouting at Blue Planet 2 for an hour. Tip for next year there, Channel 4.

(Image: Channel 4)