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‘Toy Story 2’ has been overtaken as the best reviewed film ever on Rotten Tomatoes

And to be fair, it's well deserved

‘Toy Story 2’ has been overtaken as the best reviewed film ever on Rotten Tomatoes
19 January 2018

Toy Story 2 is undoubtedly a classic. It’s funny, exciting and most important of all: it’s got Tom Hanks in it. For a while it held the honour of having the most consecutive ‘Fresh’ reviews without a single ‘Rotten’ write-up on everyone’s favourite movie website Rotten Tomatoes. 

But Woody and the gang should’ve watched their backs, because there’s a surprising, recently-released film that just snatched the crown: Paddington 2.

Yep, that’s right - the delightful Paddington Bear sequel has 164 Fresh reviews compared to Toy Story 2’s 163.

We’re not surprised it’s taken the top spot; it has an outstanding cast (Sally Hawkins, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw), features superb CGI and it’s family-friendly while still being exciting. In fact, it made our list of 2017 films you absolutely have to see.

Reacting to the Rotten Tomatoes news, series director Paul King told the website: “The Paddington films are a real labour of love. So many people pour their hearts and souls into them for months or even years, hand-crafting every last frame, and we are all incredibly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had so far. 

“We hope it inspires people to go to the cinema to see for themselves if a talking animal film really can be any good, and whether Hugh Grant really can look devilishly handsome even while dressed as a nun. (Clue: yes.)”

Of course, it should be said that this doesn’t necessarily mean Paddington 2 is now officially *the* best film. If you look at Rotten Tomatoes’ weighted list of the best reviewed films according to their adjusted score, Paddington 2 ends up in 40th place.

Instead, Rotten Tomatoes lists these movies as the top films of all time:

  1. The Wizard of Oz (1939)
  2. Citizen Kane (1941)
  3. Get Out (2017)
  4. The Third Man (1949)
  5. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
  6. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) (1920)

  7. All About Eve (1950)

  8. Inside Out (2015)

  9. Metropolis (1927)

  10. The Godfather (1972)

However you look at it, Paddington 2 is a great film. And we think it deserves all the love and praise it gets.

And according to Digital Spy, producer David Heyman confirmed that Paddington 3 is in the works. Fantastic news! 

(Image: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios)