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Bristol venue is going to play Africa by Toto on a loop all night

They're blessing the rains over and over again

Bristol venue is going to play Africa by Toto on a loop all night
22 September 2018

You’ve heard the song, you’ve seen the memes, you’ve heard the Weezer cover, you’ve heard the drums echoing tonight, you’ve blessed the rains and you’ve come to the same conclusion as the rest of us: on balance, ‘Africa’ by Toto is probably the greatest song ever written.

But let me tell you - and I’m as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti about this - there’s only one thing better than listening to ‘Africa’ by Toto.

And that’s listening to ‘Africa’ on loop for an entire evening.

Luckily, for Toto fans everywhere (so that’s all of us), a venue in Bristol are rising to the challenge.

DJ Michael Savage, who owns Prime Cuts Record Store in Bristol, explained to the BBC:

“What started out as a really stupid idea from a stupid drunken night out has become a stupid reality.

“It’s the go-to track to fill the dance floor. I drunkenly suggested I’d run a night playing just that track two years ago. I kept talking about it and now I’ve got to do it.

“I love the track, it’s unusual - the ultimate guilty pleasure - but I’m not sure whether I’ll fall asleep or not.

“I feel quite sorry for the bar staff, they’re going to be really stuck in the middle.”

Proceeds from the night, which will take place at The Exchange on Friday 30 November and runs from 11pm to 4am, will go to Temwa, a Bristol-based charity which supports people in remote rural areas of northern Malawi, and people are being encouraged to be sponsored according to how long they last, or donate even if they’re not attending.

But is five hours of ‘Africa’ enough? Savage isn’t sure.

“I’m pushing for longer. I’ve asked the venue for 12 hours,” he said.

“I’d like to set a new world record. I don’t think there is one for this as far as I can tell but that’s the plan.”


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