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This hilarious ‘80s Tory Youth’ video is going viral

This is absolute gold

This hilarious ‘80s Tory Youth’ video is going viral
04 September 2017

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter lately, you’ve probably come across ‘Activate’.

Described as a ‘Tory Momentum’, it purports to be a group aiming to get young people interested in the Conservative Party.

It is also embarrassingly and hilariously bad, to the point where it claimed a cringeworthy meme (sorry, #meme) was the work of a bizarrely on-brand hacker.

Now, the best satire is that which is indistinguishable from reality, and the existence of Activate has made things easier than ever before.

The clip has fooled plenty of people with its authentic-seeming 80s look, and – if we’re being honest – it wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn it was real.

It was dubbed ‘Maggiez Matez’, because there’s nothing more down with the kids than replacing the letter S with the letter Z. Well, that and Thatcher.

And the support for ‘radical free enterprise’ as a cool idea to draw in the youth? Don’t try telling us the same conversations haven’t been had entirely sincerely somewhere in the UK.

Sadly, the clip originates with RT satire show News Thing, and reddit detectives have identified the actor in the segment as Gareth Cooper – a man who was still in primary school in 1987.

He does nail the ‘80s young Tory’ vibe, in fairness to him, while the combination of ping-pong, foosball and other wholesome activities is pure Troy McClure.

If only it was real.