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Torabhaig unveils the latest addition to its legacy series direct from Skye

It's vibrant, its peaty, it's a dram that's worthy of any whisky connoisseur

Torabhaig unveils the latest addition to its legacy series direct from Skye

Torabhaig is one of the newer names on the distilling block, but it's one you should know about - if only because of their Legacy Series reveals.

The Isle of Skye distillery has just unveiled the the third chapter in its Legacy Series, Cnoc Na Mòine (try pronouncing that after a dram or two), a release that we reckon is worth savouring.

Scotch whisky has long been shaped by the rugged terrain that surrounds its distilleries, with Torabhaig - the second Single Malt distillery to open on Skye, no exception.

Torabhaig has become known for its unique smoke and brine characteristics, with the addition of the sherry casks adding complexity and depth to this elegant release.

If you're a fan of rich finishes, this is a dram for you.

The 46% ABV release has seen the distillery use sherry casks for the very first time, a process that allows the tempered peat's distinctive characteristics to shine through.

Meaning “hill of peat” in Gaelic, the limited edition release consisting of 90,000 bottles is a vibrant ten-year-old expression.

It's also rather affordable, with a bottle of this well-rounded release setting you back £58 from a host of whiskey-loving outlets, including The Whiskey Shop and the brand's own web store.

Torabhaig unveils the latest addition to its legacy series direct from Skye

On the nose, think hints of orange peel - we also got a sniff of lemon rind, with a subtle scent of peat smoke, light woody wafts and bold vanilla that lingers on.

As you might expect, the peat has had a huge impact on the flavour profile of this release, underpinning light tinges of balsamic acidity, which is always a winner in our eyes.

There are definitely peppery hints on offer where this release is concerned, with the delightfully rich, leathery depth creating an indulgent dram that feels pricier than its retail value.

When it comes to the finish, the sherry casks really do work their magic.

Softening the heavier leather notes, the casks interact deliciously with the peat to produce a dram that's spicy, albeit with a light, wintry undertone.

Speaking of the release, Neil MacLeod Mathieson, Torabhaig's whisky maker, explains: “There is an intriguing complexity to peated whisky, an endless depth to explore.
"There are many faces and moods to peat, so a balance has to be found between strength and refinement, between elegance and robustness.
“This is the first expression where sherry casks have played a part in our journey as well.
He adds: "The way new flavours are revealed through time with different casks is such an exciting thing for a younger distillery to discover and highlights the magic of whisky-making that can’t quite be explained, although it can be bottled.”
The distillery itself is built on the site of an Iron Age fort named Caisteal Chamuis - impressive history in itself.
Known to many as Knock or Cnoc Castle, the castle stood during the early seventeenth Century.

The location has changed hands countless times over the years, first transformed into a farm during the eighteenth century beside the derelict castle, before planning permission was granted for the distillery in 2002.

Those wishing to get their hands on this inaugural release should hop on over to the distillery's web store.