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Tony Hawk teaching his daughter to skate is adorable

Conquering fears one ollie at a time

Tony Hawk teaching his daughter to skate is adorable
25 February 2019

If you’re anything like us, your fondest memories of skateboarder Tony Hawk come from playing one of his many skateboarding games in your childhood and adolescence. We did tricks, we racked up combos, we…resolutely failed to learn how to skateboard in real life. But it was still fun.

Now, twenty years on from some of those early games, Tony Hawk is a dad – and his daughter looks to follow in his footsteps.

And this weekend he shared a video of himself coaching her through some rudimentary tricks – and conquering her fears at the same time. 

“My daughter overcoming her fear in real time (wait for it),” he wrote. “I might have been more nervous than she was.”

And the post tugged on people’s heartstrings in a big way. 

Could this be the inspiration we need to dust off our old skateboard and try and fail to do a single simple trick once more? It could be. It really could be.

Image: Tony Hawk