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Spoiler King Tom Holland is back spoiling Spider-Man again

Will he ever learn?

Spoiler King Tom Holland is back spoiling Spider-Man again

Tom Holland, who is literally actually Spider-Man, has a habit of spoiling things - when we consider his films, anyway, his track-record with spoiling lasagnes has not been explored or revealed as of yet. Still, he has a rather loose mouth, as it were, and is very good at dropping big hints and reveals about whatever movie he’s in at the time. Look:

And guess what, he might have done it again! 

Basically, he did a fun little Instagram video the other day that involved him standing on set and offering up the chance for a fan to come and visit him - all very innocent - but then, what’s that in the background?

That’s a bloke dressed up in the same clothes as Holland (minus the waterproof) getting blasted offscreen by a huge jet of water. 

And you know who can shoot huge jets of water? It’s Hydro-Man, isn’t it? Famed enemy of Spider-Man!

So does that mean that Tom has inadvertently revealed one of the main bad guys in Spider-Man: Far From Home? It certainly looks like it. 

Hydro-Man, in case you were wondering, is a bloke who was knocked into the sea while a powerful experimental generator was being used underwater and so obviously he turned into water. It’s science, mate. Anyway, he blames Spidey for this, so tries to kill him in the shower and stuff - the sneaky so-and-so.

If we trust this rumour, then we can add him to the list of villains that already includes Mysterio (potentially being played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and Chameleon (with Numan Acar in the running for the part). 

It’s all very exciting, but let’s not overdo it, yeah? We all know what happened last time they tried to shove a million bad guys into a Spider-Man movie, don’t we?*

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