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Tom Hardy's mixtape from the '90s has been released and you can listen right here

You know what, he's actually pretty good

Tom Hardy's mixtape from the '90s has been released and you can listen right here
19 January 2018

In the year of our lord 2018, we all know Tom Hardy as the Hollywood superstar who grunts a lot, loves dogs, and is currently ramping up excitement for his role as Eddie Brock in the new Venom movie.

But while that version of Tom Hardy is still one of our favourite men on the planet, it still isn’t the best version. Oh no, the best version of Tom Hardy was the one that existed before he got famous. The one with the ridiculous MySpace profile and who, apparently, tried to forge a career as a rap artist.

A couple of highlights from Hardy’s infamous MySpace profile

While big Hardy fans might have already known he has musical talent, it came as news to a lot of us, when his ‘90s mixtape was released on BandCamp, and it turned out to actually be pretty decent.

Titled Falling on Your Arse in 1999, the 18-track album is a collaboration between Hardy and DJ Eddie Too Tall. Hardy goes by the name ‘Tommy No 1’, which seems like exactly the moniker ‘90s Tom Hardy would have chosen, doesn’t it.

Meanwhile Eddie Too Tall is better known these days by his real name, Ed Tracy. He is a TV writer and director who created Fonejacker and Facejacker alongside Kayvan Novak.

Fancy a listen? Here it is in all its glory:

The album finally surfaced online when Reddit user edwardtracy, who appears to be the actual Ed Tracy (he did an AMA on the same account a couple of years ago), posted it to the r/hiphopheads subreddit under the title: “Tom Hardy’s unfinished album from 1999 finally found its way online, but is it any good?”

Perhaps Tracy is trying to gauge whether the album is worthy of an official release? Or maybe he just want to treat us to a bit of Tom’s past life. Either way, we’re grateful to him.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat about his old musical interests back in 2011, Hardy revealed: “I started out rapping when I was 14 or 15. Because I come from a nice middle-class neighbourhood it was a very hard sell. And I wasn’t very good!

“I used to be with the guy who managed Leela James and Lauren Hill, Pras, the Fugees and all that. I worked out with [Grammy winning producers] Warren Riker and Gordon Williams.

“I’ve recorded loads of stuff but it’s never been released.

“I’ve got albums, man. My best friend Peanut, he grew up in the south Bronx. He’s a very good MC and we still play. It’ll come out in a film one day, it’ll come out in a character somewhere.”

Reddit commenters were impressed with Hardy’s talent. RoscoeSantangelo wrote: “Yo holy fuck the beats on this thing are incredible.”

While LITW6991 added: “Tom Hardy was already a GOAT but now this, what a guy.”

The mixtape samples a bunch of movie soundtracks, including The Godfather and Once Upon a Time in the West. Little was Hardy to know he’d know on to play a mobster-esque character in Peaky Blinders all these years later.

Maybe once he’s finished filming Venom he and Eddie can get back in the studio? It’s what the world needs, Tom.

If you’re interested, here is the full tracklist:

1. ‘We Makes the Beats (Hairy mix)’$2 04:10

2. ‘Rusty Sheriff’s Badge’$2 03:25

3. ‘Treason’$2 02:33

4. ‘Wiser’$2 02:50

5. ‘Across the Gulf of Space’$2 03:25

6. ‘Doh Back Again’$2 02:42

7. ‘In the City’$2 03:16

8. ‘We Makes the Beats (No More Whiskey mix)’$2 02:32

9. ‘No Love No Life (Bad Wig mix)’$2 02:59

10. ‘Bring the F__king Noise’$2 01:56

11. ‘Never Meant to Be’$2 01:24

12. ‘People Like to Boogie’$2 03:20

13. ‘Sit Your Arse Down’$2 02:23

14. ‘Dr Livingstoned’$2 01:27

15. ‘We Makes the Beats (Codpiece mix)’$2 01:41

16. ‘Rotton Cocksuckers Ball’$2 01:55

17. ‘Red Light Beams’$2 00:41

18. ‘I Like to Go Out’$2 02:43

(Image: Rex)