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Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are coming back for Beetlejuice sequel

"It's showtime" (again)

Tim Burton and Michael Keaton are coming back for Beetlejuice sequel
11 March 2016

Legend has it that if a cabal of rich Hollywood film producers say the word ‘money’ three times, a sequel to a beloved cult classic appears.

And now, lo and behold, practically 28 years to the day it hit cinemas, Tim Burton has announced that beloved gothic comedy classic Beetlejuice is getting a sequel, thanks to Warner Brothers.

Now, before you go on some big tirade about how Hollywood continues to ruin the legacies of your favourite films, besmirching your formative cinematic experiences, you may be buoyed to know that Winona Ryder and Academy Awards fist-pumper Michael Keaton will also return to the fold. 

Spilling the beans to Showbizspy, Burton said:

“The film is a go and has been approved by the Warner Bros. team, we have talked with the cast members we wanted for the film and they are all on board, this includes both Winona Ryder and Michael. We have the script in hand everything is in place all we need to do now is get ready to start filming.”

In case you’d forgotten, the 1988 original saw a couple of recently-deceased ghosts contract the services of a mischievous ghost known as Beetlejuice (Keaton) in order to remove the abhorrent new owners of their house – Ryder played their daughter Lydia. 

No word as yet on whether composer and long-time Burton partner Danny Elfman will be coming back, nor what Keaton’s monochromatic maniac will have this time around, but we’re intrigued to say the least.

“It’s Showtime!”

[Via: Bloody Disgusting]

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