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This trailer for Russia's answer to The Avengers looks insane

Mother Russia, this looks epic

This trailer for Russia's answer to The Avengers looks insane

If Russia wanted to keep any stories of state-run doping to a minimum, this isn’t the best time to drop the trailer for this superhero film, because these guys are juiced up to the eyeballs.

Effectively the communist state’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians is a big-budget, CGI-heavy, rubble-strewn action film that sees a team of superheroes - including a roid-raging bear with a machine gun, dude with massive swords, and other jacked-up members - band together to defeat a supervillain and his horde of faceless henchmen.

Aesthetically at least, it looks pretty on par with the world of Tony Stark and Captain America, taking place in some nondescript looking locations (some we imagine not too dissimilar to real life the Crimea right now), as characters lurk menacingly around dimly lit cryogenic chambers, science labs, and of course, car parks.

All we need is an equivalent of Nick Fury in an ushanka and it’s practically a straight up remake, leaving us all to ponder just which team of gifted warriors would win in a fight?

If Marvel can afford to crowbar another universe, or even another set of Guardians into their galaxy, we’d like to see it.

We’ll trade Hawkeye for roid-rage bear with a mini-gun any day of the week.

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