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This Total War: Warhammer trailer is a 360-degree killing spree

It's better than a lot of actual games

This Total War: Warhammer trailer is a 360-degree killing spree

Yes, we're aware this is a sentiment usually voiced by over enthusiastic 12-year-olds off-their-lips on sugar - but this Total War: Warhammer trailer is AWESOME.

The table top strategy battle game many of us (OK, just some of us) wasted most of our childhood pocket money on has finally been given the video game treatment it deserves, with Games Workshop teaming up with the creators of the superb Total War series in a sponsored_longform as perfect as Vardy and Kane (football's coming home lads, we can feel it).

To show off their bloodthirsty fantasy creation, the studio has released a trailer with a difference: it provides an interactive, 360-degree view of vast battles you'll be able to enact.

You can 'scroll' through the video by watching it below - but things get turned up to 11 if you open it on your smartphone, where you're able to pan your screen around as though you've got your own window into the carnage. Better yet, for anyone rocking a Google Cardboard or VR headset (it's the future), you can watch the video in VR mode with the YouTube app. 

Give it a go, and then cancel your Bank Holiday plans - you've got some Orks to kill. 

Total War: Warhammer is out now