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This supercut of all the Best Visual Effects Oscar winners shows how far film has come

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This supercut of all the Best Visual Effects Oscar winners shows how far film has come
13 February 2018

Let’s be honest, everyone that isn’t a leading actor, actress, director, or actually in the film that wins Best Picture sort of all blend into the background at the Oscars. 

Nobody is watching till the end where they’re announcing Best On-Set Catering in a Challenging Climate or whatever happens in the last hour. 

So it’s quite nice, then, that Burger Fiction has created this supercut of every winner of the award for Best Visual Effects since 1929 which, you know, is quite a cool one. It’s not all guns and explosions (well it mostly is for around the first 30 years in the wake of the Second World War) as Mary Poppins wins the award in 1964 for a completely realistic flying childminder. 

Ben Hur and James Bond’s jet pack are some sure fire hitters pre-1970, and then we’re presented with surely the best scene ever in a giant snail on a beach from 1967’s Doctor Dolittle

Then the space films take over, with 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and Star Wars beginning to sweep the boards, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit thrown in to balance it all out.

Arnie kicks off the ‘90s with Total Recall (this definitely won because of the woman with three boobs) and Terminator 2. Then Jurassic Park is followed by, erm, a talking pig, in Babe (1995). 

Don’t even try to fight the early ‘00s because The Lord of the Rings will win everything ever and it will seem like nothing will ever beat it, but then Spider-Man saves our sanity in 2004, and can you believe Avatar was almost ten years ago? It took the title (obviously) in 2009. 

Since then The Jungle Book, Interstellar and Gravity have all wowed us with their artificial worlds, so the rule seems to be if you want to win the VFX Oscar for 2018, put a talking animal in space, it’s a sure fire winner.