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This Stranger Things mixtape is your new jam

DJ Yoda pays tribute to the hit Netflix show

This Stranger Things mixtape is your new jam

Stranger Things. Who knew?

Oh we bet you bloody did. Smugly put your own telepathic powers to use by predicting the little known Netflix show everyone would be talking about, did you?

Well no matter: when it comes to the show’s official soundtrack, announced last week and poised for an autumn release, it looks as though we’re all in the same unenviable position of twiddling our thumbs and staring idly at our iPods.

To get your fill in the meantime, here comes an unofficial soundtrack – or mixtape if you will – from the mind of DJ Yoda; if any musician knows about the power of sci-fi and nostalgia, it’s this one.

Mixing the smorgasbord of eighties tunes heard on the show with memorable lines and more snyth than you can shake a keyboard at, it’s utterly glorious, transporting us back to that world of small town Indiana and giant walkie talkies in style.