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This site lets you play classic Game Boy games on your browser

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This site lets you play classic Game Boy games on your browser

Despite what your nostalgia-drenched memories might tell you, playing the original Game Boy was often a painful experience.

The nauseous, washed-out graphics were hard to make out at the best of times, but especially during night-time drives - where the unlit screen had you pinning all of your hopes on the second-long flashes of passing street lamps.

It was also the size and weight of a mini fridge and gorged on AA batteries like a robo Adam Richman.

But what if we were to tell you that you could dive straight back into your favourite childhood titles, but without any of the struggle?

Emulation site have curated a vast catalogue of classic Game Boy games, including most of the early Pokemon series, and made them available to play on your browser.

The site also contains hundreds of Game Boy Colour games, and while we implore you to relive your childhood with some critically-acclaimed gems, we also suggest checking out some underrated titles like Adventure Island, Earthworm Jim, and, of course, Shaq Fu.