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This Scottish woman was just named Miss Hitler 2016

It's all deeply, deeply horrible.

This Scottish woman was just named Miss Hitler 2016
01 July 2016

In Sentences We Should Never Have To Say for ten points, an anonymous Scottish woman has been crowned "Miss Hitler 2016" in a neo-Nazi beauty pageant.

The competition was set up by the white supremacist group National Action who wanted to give "spotlight and recognition" to their female members. The unidentified winner has appeared in pictures with the bottom half of her face covered. 

In an interview featured on the group's website she said she “didn’t want to believe that the Jews are the enemy” but eventually it "became too obvious to ignore". Yeah, about that? No. 

The Board of Deputies of British Jews condemned the pageant, calling it "possibly the ugliest beauty contest ever held.”

The contest was announced on Facebook back in May, shortly before it was blocked. The winner was named via Twitter, with the group's blog sharing details. It's all deeply, deeply horrible.