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This Scottish gin will feature in celebs' $125,000 Oscars gift bags

There's only one real winner when it comes to this year's Academy Awards swag bag

This Scottish gin will feature in celebs' $125,000 Oscars gift bags
Danielle de Wolfe
09 January 2024

Just like Hollywood, we love the story of an underdog - particularly when it involves gin and a sprinkling of home grown talent.

Now, one independent Scottish distiller has made it all the way to the US of A in what can only be described as the ultimate glenn-to-gift bag tale.

Selected by taste connoisseurs as the most spirited addition to this year's Academy Awards gift bags, Scottish distiller Gin Bothy has been branded an A-list must-have.

Nestled alongside some of the world's biggest health, beauty and lifestyle brands, Gin Bothy is one of around 60 brands selected to feature as part of this year's sought after $125,000 gift bags.

Soon to be sipped by the likes of Cillian Murphy and Margot Robbie, the 'swag bags' are hand delivered to the top 25 Oscar nominees ahead of this coming February's ceremony.

This Scottish gin will feature in celebs' $125,000 Oscars gift bags

Distilled in Scotland's Angus Glens, Gin Bothy was born following an 'accidental' kitchen mishap by founder Kim Cameron back in 2015 whilst she was jam-making.

Each bottle retails for around £38 for a 70cl bottle depending on the variety, with a variety of flavours available - including their signature Gunshot recipe.

Now labeled an eco-aware brand, Gin Bothy uses signature Scottish ingredients to infuse its unique brand of gin, including heather, Scots’ pine and rosemary.

The brand has distilled an exclusive batch specifically for the ceremony, with each bottle set to bare a unique number between 1-25.

The bags' contents often remain a mystery until nearer the day, however, it's been revealed that the distillery has nabbed the prestigious spot courtesy of a fluke conversation.

After striking up a conversation with the owner of Scotland's Turin Castle - who had previously offered celebrities exclusive private use of the location in the gift bags - the opportunity to pitch for a place in the Oscars bags arose.
And following a number of taste tests, Gin Bothy came out on top.
Now, the brand has been propelled into the spotlight courtesy of our obsession with all things celebrity.

This Scottish gin will feature in celebs' $125,000 Oscars gift bags

In an interview with Scottish Field, Cameron said she grew up watching the Oscars and the surprise addition of the gin.

"This is incredible news for us,’ said Kim. ‘It’s giving us a chance to showcase Scottish spirits with our award-winning gin," said Cameron.
"We are taking a little piece of Scotland to Los Angeles with an exclusive small batch distillation of our gin for the Oscar nominees.
"It will be a high end gin made with Scottish heather, Scots pine and rosemary, essentially a real taste of Scotland in a bottle."
She adds: "I’m proud of the fact that Gin Bothy has been selected ahead of other brands that weren’t deemed to have the same credibility or provenance as Gin Bothy...
"The Oscars and Hollywood is another world. I’m from a generation that grew up watching them and it meant a lot to my dad."
It's safe to say the winners of this year's 96th Oscars ceremony - including the likes of Bradley Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio and Emma Stone - are in for a treat.

You can nab yourself a taste of Gin Bothy by visiting Amazon - or their web store, now.