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This property price Underground tube map is brilliant & depressing

Eight minutes on the tube can cost you £1m

This property price Underground tube map is brilliant & depressing

First things first: this Underground map charts average house prices across each station. It's brilliant, as it shows you the wide price differences that exist between stations that are actually quite close together. It's really informative.

However, it's also incredibly depressing as it shows you how utterly expensive everywhere in London is.

Created by online estate agents Emoov, you can have a look across the whole tube network to find the places that offer the best value; for example, travelling eight minutes down the Jubilee line from Finchley Road (average price £1.4m) to Wembley Park (average price £404,000) could save you an astonishing £1m. That's probably worth the extra commute isn't it? And you'd be able to walk to England matches.

Just one stop on the Northern line - from Hampsted (£1.4m) to Golders Green (£962,000) - could net you almost half a million.

The cheapest stops on the map can be found at Barking and Upney (both £237,000) - and the most expensive? Piccadilly Circus and High Street Kensington at an eye-watering £2.6m.

More broadly, researchers found that, on average, Zone 2 is 37 per cent cheaper than Zone 1 - but it's still not exactly cheap.

Best get buying those lottery tickets everyone...

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