This guy accidentally bought himself a flight to Canada, not Australia, and only realised in mid-air

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Emily Reynolds

Getting on the wrong bus: easy. Getting on the wrong tube: easy. Missing your stop on the train and hurtling towards an airport parkway station miles away from where you actually live: easy. Getting on a plane to the wrong city, country and continent: slightly trickier.

But that’s what happened to Dutch student Milan Schipper, who somehow ended up in Canada instead of Australia.

To be fair to the guy, the name of the city was the same. But instead of ending up in Sydney, Australia, he ended up in Sydney, Canada. And even worse: it was in the middle of a snowstorm when he got there AND he was dressed for an Australian summer.

Milan Schipper, thinking about what could have been

He only realised once he saw the flight tracker was “going to go right and not left”.

“That was about the time I realised there was another Sydney,” he told Canadian broadcaster CBC.

He only spent five hours in Canada before going back to the Netherlands.

Schipper has now set up a crowdfunding campaign to take him back to what he calls the “good Sydney”, though as we write he’s only raised 20 euros. Which wouldn’t even get him to the rubbish one.