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This Llama bloody loves leaf blowers

Want to watch a llama really enjoying a leaf blower? Step this way

This Llama bloody loves leaf blowers

Have you ever watched your dog malting in the summer - great wafts of hair everywhere - and thought to yourself, instead of vacuuming up all that hair from around the house, why don't I catch it at source and just vacuum the dog itself?

A word of warning: don't. They go mental.

However, if you happen to own a llama: different story. As demonstrated by this loveable beast named Fiesta, who lives at the Houston Zoo in Texas. Every morning, her keepers use a leaf blower to clean out her living quarters, and while they're there, she enjoys nothing more than a nice soothing air massage.

"Zoo keepers always enjoy the time they spend with Fiesta" said Zoo Public Relations Director Jackie Wallace to ABC13. "And after watching the video, it's not hard to see why."