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This little easter egg about Mario and Luigi's appearance is really satisfying

This can't be a coincidence

This little easter egg about Mario and Luigi's appearance is really satisfying
27 June 2017

We all know Mario. Little guy, wears red, loves dungarees? He’s a plumber and he’s got a moustache? Yeah, that guy. And you know his brother, Luigi, too. Basically, he’s Mario but a little lankier and wears green. Look, here they are, the lads:

Let'sa go!

The brothers spend most of their lives sliding down tubes and avoiding killer turtle shells to try and break into some bloke called Bowser’s castle, because he gone and nicked their love interests.

Mario is smitten with Princess Peach, while Luigi has his heart set firmly on Princess Daisy. Here those two are:

Princess Peach, famous for being really good at getting captured

Anyway, here’s the good stuff. Basically an eagle eyes fan has noticed an easter egg that links each Mario Bro’s appearance to the Princess they so desire, and it surely can’t be a coincidence.

The theory goes: “There is a design parallel between the Mario Bros. and the princesses traditionally paired up with them. The number of eyelashes on Princess Peach’s eyes, six, matches the number of curved segments in Mario’s moustache. Likewise, Princess Daisy has two eyelashes on each eye, which matches Luigi’s two-segment moustache. Whether this is a coincidence or a deliberate design choice is unknown.”

This isn’t one of those mind-blowing fan theories that change the way you look at a game/show/film/life forever, but it is a pretty cool little detail that Nintendo have slipped in there, and it’s taken a long time for us to notice.

There are more obvious parallels between the moustaches of Mario and Luigi and their darker counterparts, Wario and Waluigi, but the one question we really want to know is, with that moustache, what do Waluigi’s princesses eyelashes look like?