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This limited-edition single malt whisky wants to be the true spirit of Halloween

This spooky spirit has a few tricks (and treats) up its sleeve

This limited-edition single malt whisky wants to be the true spirit of Halloween
Holly Pyne
11 October 2019

Retailers may already be bombarding you with Christmas presents but there’s still one more holiday to get through before we truly enter the festive season - Halloween.

The holiday filled with pumpkins, cinnamon and all things spooky is nearly upon us and award-winning distillery The Glenrothes has just the ghoulish spirit for the occasion - a 13 year old single malt scotch.
What makes it fit for scariest night of the year? According to the Speyside distillery, it’s white, opaque bottle will reveal a "smoky secret".
The smoky flavour comes from being transferred to peated casks, after first picking up flavours of vanilla and orange from being matured in sherry and bourbon-seasoned casks.
That means it naturally has aromas of wood smoke and creamy vanilla, with flavours of chocolate orange and a sweet, if not a little smoky aftertaste.
Plus, the word Halloween originates from Scotland, and what’s more Scottish than whisky. The holiday's name actually comes from the Scottish term All Hallow’s Eve, a night in which people would dress up in costumes to ward off evil spirits (sounds familiar).
Even the bottle itself has a hidden surprise as there's some NFC tech on each bottle which leads its owner to a hidden webpage when they hover their smartphone over the number 13.
If you fancy it, it’s worth being fairly speedy as there are only 5,000 bottles being sold globally and it’s sure to be a collectable item.
The single malt scotch is available from 13 October for £65 from The Glenrothes website or in store in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.
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