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This is what your future computer will look like

Magic Leap wants to get rid of screens for good

This is what your future computer will look like

We get it. You're really bored of tech groups showing off some over-hyped, ugly chunk of metal and smugly declaring that "This changes everything". Until it actually changes everything, just keep a lid on it, okay?

On which note - we present to you the latest demo from Magic Leap, the tech company that has the potential to change everything.

Magic Leap are a secretive bunch: specialising in creating augmented reality headsets and content, they've raised over [Dr Evil voice] one billion dollars to develop... well, no one knew. They'd put out a few demonstrations of video games and spectacular video stunts, but nothing practical. Until now.

Following an extensive profile by Wired, Magic Leap is finally showing off its vision of how we'll be interacting with virtual worlds in the near future. The following video is actual footage of their augmented glasses in action, showing how you could browse the web, do your shopping and access social media in a sci-fi-like display. 

It's amazing. And we still don't know when we'll get to try it ourselves. Have a watch below.