This is what the Monopoly board would look like if the prices were accurate

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Jordan Waller

Just in case you were ever in any doubt about the crushingly inflated London rental market, estate agents Hanover West End have given the old school Monopoly board a revamp so it fits with modern house prices.

The modern reimagining of the board sees not only a hike in prices but also a reordering of the board with some former cheap spots making there way into the affluent price bracket.

The only two streets to stay in their original cheap spots are Whitechapel and Old Kent Road - apparently still deemed 'affordable,' with Mayfair still flying the flag for being so-expensive-it-would-make-Mr Burns-weep and appearing at the last spot on the board for a ridiculous £3,521,800.

Here's how everywhere else got on...


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Jordan Waller

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