This is what happens when you flirt with a spambot

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Nick Pope

Spambots have been a part of everyday life since we dusted off our AOL discs all those years ago. Whether it's the credit-card phishing beauties of Tinder, or the comment section-dwelling billionaires eager to fill our pockets with easy money, the usual protocol is to block, ignore and move on.

But in this age of artificial intelligence and human-robot relationships, is that such a good move? Would it be possible to - dare we say it - teach them how to love? Take them away from a life of cyber crime and into our loving arms, for all eternity?

Well, that's what Tumblr user salticid decided to do when confronted with a flirty spambot. Needless to say he didn't get the girl - but who cares when the results are this hilarious...


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Nick Pope

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