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This is how & where you'll be killed in London

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This is how & where you'll be killed in London
19 April 2016

When we say that the tube has been murder today, luckily we don't mean it literally.

But, like anywhere in the world, there's a chance that a fellow human could have it in for you, resulting in an untimely end to your time on the planet.

In the case of London, there's now an interactive map that you can study to discover where, and how, it's most likely to happen.

The London 'Murder Map' has been created by Peter Stubley and uses data released by the Metropolitan Police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as well as media coverage and court records, to give a conclusive picture of homicide in the capital.

Stubley told The Metro, "I started the website while working as a court reporter at the Old Bailey. It wasn’t a particularly new idea but nobody had done it for London and I always thought that murder cases could tell us a lot about the state of society at that particular moment, whether it is teenage knife crime, homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse or domestic violence. There was a mixed reaction at the start, but our intention is to report each case in the same way. Hopefully it will be of some use to everyone including students, academics, friends and relatives of victims or the police."

Knife crime is the biggest category of deaths, with no weapon (cause of death usually being unarmed violence via punching or kicking) coming second. Gun deaths and the 'other' category - including arson - are next up before the gruesome-sounding 'blunt object' class. Murder via vehicles, ligature and poison are relatively rare.

And the rarest of all by far? Bombs. Which is interesting when one considers the resources put aside to tackle this problem.

Take a look at the maps below or visit the website here - and you can take a look at an interesting interactive global murder website here.

Good luck out there kids.