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This guy is the funniest troll on the internet

"If there was gravity in space all the planets would fall down"

This guy is the funniest troll on the internet
20 April 2016

Being a troll is usually associated with nasty acts of needless, ill-informed abuse, or attempt to belittle other people. But sometimes, it can be used for the forces of good instead.

Ken M - real name Kenneth McCarthy - is a prime example of the latter, and possible the most famous troll around - he was even named one of Time's 30 most influential people on the internet.

His day job is as a copywriter for Comedy Central in New York, and began his quest in 2011 after growing frustrated at the vicious, toxic nature of many comment threats. He was briefly paid to continue his trolling by College Humor, but now does it purely for fun, telling Upvoted, "What I do is turn a toxic space into a source of belly laughter, so it’s not gross anymore. That’s what I do."

He has his own subreddit dedicated to his exploits, but without further ado, here are his greatest hits. Thank you Ken M, for making the internet bearable again.