This guy has a brilliant way of letting his mum know he's okay on an incredible holiday


We admire Jonathan KQ. He's our kind of guy.

The 27-year-old from Brussels has had a varied career: he was a model, then a consultant, but neither job inspired him to put down roots and settle into a daily grind. He decided to throw caution and a long-term pension plan to the wind, quitting his job, selling his car and heading out on a year of travelling adventures.

The catch? How to let his Mexican mother know he was okay at all times.

His solution is one that we can all enjoy (and envy): an Instagram account, titled 'momimfine'. Every few days - data connection pending - KQ posts a picture of his latest escapades whilst holding aloft the sign 'Mom, I'm fine'. 

Currently looking for a sponsor to continue his amazing journey (it's called a job, mate), here are the best posts from his adventure so far. 

That's it, we're quitting our jobs and getting the next plane to... there

Fine for now, but cigars are bad for you

Not a bad road trip

What kind of paper is that?!

Apparently she's a big deal in Colombia

Golden Facebook banner material right there

The dampness of the sign would suggest someone might have fallen in

Fine, and on TV!

Nice improvisation

And slightly scared

"Guys? Could you help me with an Instagram project..."