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This guy dressed up as a woman on Tinder to find out if he got more matches

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This guy dressed up as a woman on Tinder to find out if he got more matches

Disillusioned by his lack of success on Tinder, Sy Thomas set out on an investigation – to try out the app as a woman, and discover how he would fare on the opposite side of the gender divide.

So after a heavy-duty makeover and a few flattering selfies, ‘Simone’s’ mission was full steam ahead.

Within just a few days, his new dating profile had amassed over 400 direct messages from eager blokes.

The messages ranged from baffling, to kinda creepy, to invest-in-a-panic-room-immediately-creepy, and it really makes you worry about the state of women's Tinder DMs across the land.

And what did Sy learn from his journey to the other side? 

"It turns out I’m very popular as a woman, but most of those opening messages – you’d never say that to someone in a bar. The best messages were the ones that were genuine and nice and I think that’s what I’m going to be more like."

We're guessing, as readers of this fine, upstanding institution, that you're not the kind of utter douchebag who would send these kinds of messages on dating sites, but just in case you are: stop it. Stop it now.

And if you're not too sure, check yourself against the offending DMs below...