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This group of mates' prank went way too far and their friend ended up losing his job

"All in the name of banter", apparently

This group of mates' prank went way too far and their friend ended up losing his job

Pranking their friends is something a lot of men feel weirdly compelled to do. Are you even mates if you don’t constantly put each other down and rip on each other’s most sensitive traits?

The answer to that is: yes, definitely, but as you’re growing up, the art commonly known as ‘banter’ is what a lot of male friendships are centred around - and if someone can’t take the banter heat, they should get out of the banter kitchen, or something.

The guy at the wrong end of this particular tale takes it incredibly well - I would go as far as too say far too well given how it ends - with him newly unemployed, thanks to his mates.

Luke Beddoe went for a job interview which he had told his friends he felt confident about, and came away from it feeling good.

Deciding to seize upon this feeling of strength, his mates, Lee and Jordan, called him up the next day pretending to be the company, and told him he had the job. Luke bought the lie completely and was, understandably, very happy. He told his ‘new company’ that he’d hand in his notice at his current job tomorrow, and presumably skipped off into the sunset.

Lee and Jordan thought they had time to play with, and therefore decided to wait a little longer before revealing the whole thing was a set-up. Sadly for Luke, he was clearly so excited about the new job that he decided to quit the old one that same day, then called up the new company to let him know.

That’s when they revealed that they had not in fact offered him the job at all, and that he hadn’t got the role. To make matters worse, Luke ended up arguing with them on the phone, convinced there had been some kind of mistake.

And that’s when it all became clear.

Since Luke old’s job now knew he was looking elsewhere, they weren’t willing to give him his job back, meaning that he’s got his week’s notice to work, and then he’s officially out of a job.

As far as pranks go, this one definitely worked too well.

However, it hasn’t affected the group’s friendship at all, and Luke seems fine to let the whole thing go, which is admirable in a lot of ways, and shows he’s clearly a calmer man than a lot of us.

Speaking to LADBible, Luke said: “It’s shit that I have handed in my notice and it’s things up for me, but I should be OK.

“I’m more embarrassed that I believed it and on top of that phoned the new potential employers arguing that I had got the job. Oh well, all in the name of banter.”

Losing your job? Just banter! Killing a beloved family pet? Just banter! Jumping headfirst down a giant canyon because your mate told you it’d be funny? It’s all just banter! Everything is banter! 

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