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This Glenfiddich ultra-rare whisky is a thing of beauty

£57 per shot

This Glenfiddich ultra-rare whisky is a thing of beauty
11 July 2019

If whiskey just tastes better to you when it costs more than a high-end gaming laptop, then boy do we have something for you. Glenfiddich has just released a super-rare tipple made from a single cask laid down back on Christmas Day 1987.

That’s right: this whiskey’s life began when Always On My Mind by the Pet Shop Boys was number one, which should give you an idea of its vintage. Probably more importantly, it’s also the year that Glenfiddich turned 100.

The Rare Collection Cask No. 20050 promises “layers of silky smooth, rich and fruity with a sweet spicy flavour and incredible deep darkness.” Its nose is that of “rich Christmas cake, woody spice and warm dried fruits.” All sounds delightful.

If you’re trying to figure out how many bottles a single cask of whiskey can make, the magic number is 200. Just 200 bottles have been made, which is why it’s also on the expensive side. A single bottle will set you back £1,600. Albeit £1,600 with free delivery.

Yes, that comma is in the right place. But if you wanted to make it more accessible, you could spin that it’s just £57 per shot.

Still, that means that for the price of a single bottle of Cask No, 20050, you could buy 13 bottles of Glenfiddich 21, which is currently on top of our best whiskeys list. Alternatively, you could buy 45 bottles of our second-place whiskey, the Old Pulteney 12. Decisions, decisions.

Whichever of these you buy, for the love of God, don’t mix them with coke. Or if you absolutely have to, at least make sure it’s proper Coca-Cola and not some supermarket knock off...