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This Chinese promotional song for The Force Awakens is crazy

Wanna feel that 808?

This Chinese promotional song for The Force Awakens is crazy

While you couldn't move for hype and anticipation in the Western world ahead of the release of The Force Awakens, in China it's a very different matter.

George Lucas' original trilogy was not even released in the country until June 2015 so most of its citizens are basically unaware of the importance of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and all the rest of the Star Wars universe.

Therefore, Disney had to come up with novel ways of getting the nation geared up to welcome the space opera into their lives - one of them to create an official promotional song, which is... different.

It's performed by 25-year-old star Luhan, formerly of the hugely successful boyband EXO, before going solo. He's the Chinese Justin Timberlake basically.

The track, called The Inner Force, is a strange dubstep-meets-EDM affair with references to "feeling that 808" (doesn't he mean BB-8?) and "I'm the leading man 'cause I'm feeling the Force". The lyrics are sung in a mixture of Chinese and English and it's all a little strange. Fundamentally, it's just not really a very good song.

Still, this is apparently fairly common in the country and we're sure Disney knows what it's doing - the promo clip will be "aired on national TV programs, streamed on online video platforms, and screened as a pre-movie ad at cinemas across China".

The film opened in the country on Saturday - we'll soon see how effective it's been.