This chart sums up how messed up the war in Syria really is


War is hell.

It’s also mighty confusing, as exemplified by the numerous skirmishes going on in Syria right now.

Over the past six months, this battle-weary Middle Eastern nation has gone from being in the grip of a civil war to a global one, with even the most pragmatical of folk believing this antics on this dusty terrain could be a catalyst for World War Three.

US and UK forces continue to carpet bomb Daesh, Russia claims to do the same while actually hitting US-backed rebels hoping to topple Assad’s regime, while on the ground umpteen other groups do battle inside crumbling cityscapes (click here to see the devastation in the city of Homs captured by drone footage).

So how to decipher it all?

Enter Charles Lister, a fellow of the Middle East Institute who has handily encapsulated the major players in this colour coded chart.

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