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This amazing new gadget will help protect you from skin cancer

This pocket-sized camera is going to save your skin

This amazing new gadget will help protect you from skin cancer
14 July 2016

We don't mean to sound like your mum, but have you been putting on enough sun cream this summer?

Short of slapping it on your arms, shoulders and that little bit on the tops of your ears that usually always gets fried, it's kind of hard to tell which bits of your bod you've got enough cream on - particularly if you don't have a helping hand. Which is where Sunscreenr comes into its own. 

What is Sunscreenr?

The Sunscreenr is a keyring-sized 1.3 mp UV camera device that looks for those pesky UV rays that can do terrible mischief to your skin (namely, cancer).

The process is simple: you slap your suncream on, then turn the Sunscreenr camera on yourself, recording a short clip of the area of your body you've applied the cream. You can then watch the footage back through the small viewfinder on the rear of the ring.

Here's what the Sunscreenr sees

As the camera is looking for UV light, any areas that you've covered in UV-reflecting sun cream will appear dark. All those light areas have been missed, meaning you need to add a bit more cream.

This is what you get with a Sunscreenr

Light, compact, there's not a lot to a Sunscreenr - meaning there's less to break when you forget to take it out of your pocket for an impromptu game of volleyball. 

How can I buy one?

Having already smashed a Kickstarter project, Sunscreenr is now going after additional funding via Indiegogo (greedy, eh?).

You can pick one up for £70, with worldwide delivery expected in December. Just in time for that New Year's sun escape, right? 

Introducing Sunscreenr (Live on Kickstarter) from David Cohen on Vimeo.