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£1,000 'Studio' Flat (That's Really A Shed) Proves London Is Insane

£1,000 'Studio' Flat (That's Really A Shed) Proves London Is Insane

£1,000 'Studio' Flat (That's Really A Shed) Proves London Is Insane

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Thought you’d seen the worst of the London property market? Then you probably haven’t seen this “studio” flat in Clapton, currently listed on Rightmove.

Costing a little over £1,000 a month (that does include bills though…) you will be treated to an idyllic “securely-gated” and fully furnished and self-contained studio flat that also at one time or another probably doubled up as a shed.

The converted shed comes equipped with plug-in electrical heaters for those cold London winters and a “modern fully fitted eat-in kitchen” for those that want to entertain (slightly chilly) guests.

Although there aren’t actually any kitchen pictures listed on the site so we’d assume (based on everything else they show in the snaps) that some liberties may have been taken with that description.

Check out the “securely gated” bachelor pad in the gallery below.

[Via: Evening Standard]

Modern 'Portable' Heading

The flat comes complete with a beautiful, modern electric heating system. Boosted to double size for extra electric heat. Never be cold again.

Shower with style

Comes with free shower curtain and a screw on mirror that appears to be far to low on the wall to be in normal proportion to the shower itself.

Extensive security system

Padlocks are generally used in place of the normal flimsy locks found on most doors. For added protection however entrances can be secured with wardrobes and electric heaters. Nobody's getting through that door, we assure you.

Also comes with bonus "Being John Malkovich" sized door.

Friendly neightbours

Who may or may not want to park their car inside your new home/their garage.

Spacial Awareness Building Toilet

Go about your toilet business whilst fighting a constant fear that the walls may of may not be closing in on you.

Spacious BBQ Area

With free 'hazzard' cone and shrubbery.


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