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Things men can do

Make the most of your Man Time

Things men can do

If you're struggling for a reason to drag yourself off the sofa and turn off that Arnie boxset, here's some inspiration on how to best utilise your own Man Time, courtesy of Danny Wallace.

YPlan App

For men who like their Man Time last minute.

Man Time generally obviously involves a campfire (copper-topped table) in the settlement (pub) exchanging stories (jokes) over – I don’t know – mead or something (you can still have the mead).

But what if that’s not enough for you? And what if you need inspiration? The YPlan App is a handy little tool. It suggests stuff you can do that very night in a place near you, and offers you good deals too.

Comedy, football, gigs, burgers, whatever - and in just a couple of finger-taps those tickets are yours.

Men should go away more.

That’s the view of many women, and I find it highly offensive.

However, they’re right. Every now and again, men should rejoin their pack, and set off for the countryside, where they can completely ignore all the very many activities they can do, and just drink beer in a cottage.

I did this recently, using Sheepskinlife. We rented an old stone barn in the middle of a national park in Wales, lit a campfire outside, and sat under the stars – a million miles from a phone signal, but close enough to civilization that Tesco could still send a van full of cans.