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Thief asks for work from house he just robbed

It's facepalm time

Thief asks for work from house he just robbed

After you've successfully stole something, the best advice is always to stay well clear of the surrounding area. You know, just to be safe.

But if you happen to be South Africa's dumbest criminal, you'll scoff at this sort of rational advice. What you'll do is steal a bunch of clothing from someone's shed, put the clothing on and then knock on their door to ask for work.

The worryingly brain-free gentleman was wearing the homeowner's shoes, socks, belt and trousers, along with his wife's blouse when he knocked on the door. After a blissfully misguided request for gardening work, the thief was immediately detained by the unnamed man.

The couple were packing to move out so had been keeping boxes in their outdoor storeroom, just in case you were wondering.

Our challenged thief escaped briefly but was found by a security guard later.

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[via TimesLive]

(Image: Rex Features)