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These tweets will make you glad you never went to Glastonbury

Traffic and mud hell already

These tweets will make you glad you never went to Glastonbury

Just admit it, you clicked on this link in order to bask in the sweet, sweet feeling of schadenfreude, revelling in the misery of others while smugly patting yourself on the back for deciding to give Glastonbury a miss this year.

Well, we don't blame you. Not one little bit.

We wrote earlier this week about the state that the site was in even before punters had begun to arrive, but now that the gates have opened it seems like there's even more chaos than normal, with overnight rain adding to the existing wet conditions, leading to heavy traffic and congestion around the site.

There have already been reports of 11-hour traffic jams and the festival itself has taken the unprecedented step of telling people who haven't already set off not to bother - a plea that's likely to fall on deaf ears, since often the only way of securing a camping spot less than 50 miles away from the main stages is to arrive on the Wednesday or, at the latest, Thursday morning. *UPDATE: the festival has now issued another statement saying that they are "fully open for business" and that "traffic is moving as it usually does". Which we guess is better news - although it's usually gridlock, so that may not be that much more helpful.

It all sounds terrible doesn't it? Well, not for the rest of us. Take a look at the carnage unfolding below and enjoy your warm, dry bed tonight...

A good start

The most English response possible

Some poetry


Good God

It's funny because it's true

To be fair, it does look like a warzone

Mud mud mud

Good news!

Travel & weather update

God bless the UK's road network

Someone had to do it

Yeah, this is about right

This is a smart move

We've actually seen this happen

Probably, yeah