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The weather is looking apocalyptic for Glastonbury

Will it match the great floods of 2005?

The weather is looking apocalyptic for Glastonbury
20 June 2016

The first time I went to Glastonbury, back in 2005, I turned up on the Thursday in shorts and flip-flops with a blazing sun lighting up the sky. In the middle of the night, I awoke to find a biblical storm erupting, an actual river running next to my tent and the most apocalyptic sky imaginable bearing down on us. The next day, the first few performances on the Other Day were cancelled as the stage was literally sinking into the mud. Somehow, the show went on, but it was a muddy nightmare, frequently wading through waist-high bogs of the stuff all weekend (evidence in the image above).

So, good news for this year's Glastonbury-goers: you could be in for the same.

With heavy rain hitting the UK over the past few days, this video has emerged of the current scenes at Worthy Farm:

Yeah. And that's before a single paying punter has turned up to turn the site into the quagmire it will inevitably end up as.

So how's it looking for the rest of this week and the festival itself?

Data from the Met office

Hmmm. Not so great. It's got half a chance of drying out before the majority of people arrive on Thursday, but then rain is forecast for both Friday (around 7pm) and Saturday (pretty much all day).

Trust us: invest in wellies, waterproofs and as much gin as you can carry as soon as possible.

(Image: Rex)