These Photos Of What Jeremy Corbyn And David Cameron Were Doing In The 1980s Speak Volumes


The appointment of Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour leader has been one of the biggest stories to come out of politics since... well, since Labour's poor showing and the Conservative's run-away election result earlier this year.

Corbyn, a left-winger with a history of sticking it to ‘The Man’ with some serious socialist policies, is a massive contrast to former Bullingdon Club member David Cameron and his Oxford cronies.

Whatever your opinions on Corbyn, or Cameron for that matter, you can’t deny that the above images are an undoubtedly contrasting bit of propaganda.

Circulated thousands of times already on Twitter, one image shoes Cameron dressed like he’s attending a Dr Who audition alongside his fellow elite Bullingdon Club members. The other, Corbyn being led away by police at an anti-Apartheid protest.