These German beer adverts are both hilariously realistic and terrifyingly disturbing


No one - except bigots, sexists, and people who just Like To Be Wrong - can deny that the new trend towards realistic bodies in the media is a good thing. Seeing an unrealistic model or actor has been proven to lower self-esteem, so it's pretty safe to assume the opposite is true. Realistic bodies can help everyone feel better about themselves.



One German company might have gone too far. 

A series of adverts by Bergedorfer Bier depicts men cradling their beer bellies as though pregnant with anything other than yeast and gas. 

The ads are accompanied by the slogan, "brewed with love", in case, you know, your disturbance quota isn't full for the day.

We have to admit it's better than the toned and tanned models other beer companies choose to use in their adverts, but it's still definitely somewhere high on the Not Okay Scale. 

We don't know whether to laugh or cry, but we definitely know what to drink.