These Blair & Clinton phone conversations are hilarious


It must be strange becoming Prime Minister.

All of a sudden you've got power, control and the terrifying worry that perhaps you don't really know what you're doing. And then you've got to become friends with the most powerful man on Earth: the US President.

However, as these recently released transcripts of phone calls that took place between the two leaders between Blair's election in May 1997 and Clinton leaving office in January 2001, show the two men gradually getting to know each other, discussing a host of world issues - mainly the Northern Ireland peace process and the Kosovo crisis of 1998-1999 - but every so often engaging in a bit of friendly chat that grows warmer as time goes on.

And frankly, a lot of it is downright hilarious, mainly thanks to Bill, a man who is now top of our list of people we would really like to go for a round of golf with, before sinking a few pints and eating some moose lips.

Read on for the highlights of the Blair/Clinton love affair.

(Main image: Rex)