These are the winners of National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year

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Amelia Tait

It's a picture of a pint on a sticky Wetherspoons table. In the background, you can see the wild, gaping mouth of a middle-aged lady waiting to receive a forkful of full English. After ten minutes deliberating over a filter, you've chosen 'Nashville'. This is the single most-liked picture of your 2015 lads tour to Zante, and you've captioned it, "Getting the drinks in early!! Better than the office!! — at, London Luton Airport". 

You should be ashamed. 

To take all of our minds off what a disgrace you and and your holiday pictures are, we thought we'd show you the winners of National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year 2016. Enjoy. 


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Amelia Tait

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