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These are the 10 apps that are killing your battery

Go easy on these ones

These are the 10 apps that are killing your battery

We spend half our life thinking about batteries. Every gadget needs constantly charging, running low on juice at the drop of a hat - gone are the glory years of your Nokia lasting a week before you even thought about plugging it in. Now the front room looks like a spaceship with all the devices plugged in getting their daily fix.

Perhaps you need to start thinking about the work you're making your phone do all day - because not all apps are built equal: some are power-hungry menaces, draining your battery as soon as you load it up.

This list, published in AVG's Android App Performance and Trend Report, highlights the 10 worst offenders. Go easy on these - you'll thank us later.


Ah, our old friend. Do you really need to catch up on that person from school who you haven't seen in 20 years who has just got that new lawnmower they've been looking forward to for months? Probably not, no.

Google Maps

A one-way street to a dead battery, right?

Facebook Messenger

Why not chat irl okay guys?


Did you really need to see the latest post from Kim Kardashian (see above)? Did it improve your day? No it did not.

Blackberry Messenger

Does anyone still use this? No? Well that's okay then.


Fortunately, this Samsung chat app was discontinued by the end of last year. So instead of ChatOn, here's a CatOn (a keyboard).


Another instant messaging app. Seriously people, how many do you need? What's wrong with texting?


Well, we suppose at least this one is less power-hungry than the others. Blue ticks from us then.



The Weather Channel

Just stick your head out of the window. Much easier.