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These 6 Words Will Instantly Make Women Hate You (According To Science)

These 6 Words Will Instantly Make Women Hate You (According To Science)

These 6 Words Will Instantly Make Women Hate You (According To Science)
Danielle de Wolfe
12 August 2015

The English language is a brilliant thing, full of wordy excellence like ‘carpophagous’ (the act of living off of fruit alone) and ‘flibbertigibbet’ (one of those flighty, loquacious types of people) - but it’s also full of horribleness.

According to a study carried out by underwear company Knix Wear (yup) and THEN commented on by actual scientists (we told you there would be science), these six words are the worst of the lot according to women.

The common denominator, according to Oberlin College language psychologist, Dr Paul Thibodeau being: "Disgust, either toward bodily functions or sex".

So, fellas, here’s six words you should avoid going forward…

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1. Moist

Whether it’s do with the moronic prancing of 21st century misogynist Dapper Laughs or the fact that it’s just generally a horrible word, we don’t know. But women hate it, so stop saying it. Unless you’re talking about cake. 

2. Squirt

Depending on how internet savvy you are, you will directly associate this with one of two things: water fights or an internet porn thing involving female genetalia and, well, squirting. If you’re not familiar with the latter we would recommend Googling it outside of the office if you want to keep your job.

3. Panties

According to Dr Thibodeau, the inherent common denominators of disgust for this word tend to focus around it’s links to “childhood and eroticism”. Which is pretty icky.

4. Chunky

Totally cool if you’re talking about a delicious Kit Kat variation or form of knitwear. Totally not cool when you’re referring to actual people.

5. Curd

Ostensibly, this isn’t really a dirty or seedy thing. It does however sound grimier than a London sewer system, not to mention it rhyming with the word turd. We can’t really explain this one but nonetheless, it apparently upsets a lot of ladies.

6. Flap

A clear example of the 21st century taking an otherwise reasonably acceptable and genuinely useful piece of terminology and making it smutty. Dr Thubodeau seems to think the hatred for the word is due to how close it sounds to the ‘fap’ (meaning masturbation if you speak like a loudmouthed teenager).

We’re going to go out on a limb on this one and say that it’s probably more down to the fact that some awful individuals use it to describe a specific party of the female anatomy. Which is horrific.