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There's an app for getting booze delivered to your house

Think of it as Uber for your house party

There's an app for getting booze delivered to your house
27 April 2016

It's every party host's nightmare: your house is buzzing with friends, the carefully-curated playlist is churning out hit after hit, there's gallons of dip, but the booze is gone.

It seems like in 2016 there should be an app for that, an 'Uber for booze' if you will, and thankfully some bright sparks have finally set one up. (We've devastated we didn't get there first.)

It's called Bevy, an app that delivers alcohol, tobacco, snacks (and condoms, if you're having that kind of party) to customers in zone 1 and 2 of London within 20 minutes. It's apparently the first and only on-demand alcohol delivery service in the EU (though taxi app Gett has been offering a similar service for wine and Clicquot for a while), so that's another thing to be proud of being British for.

Delivery only costs a fiver, and the best news is they're open from 5pm Thursday to 5am Sunday, so they'll even still be open long after the shops are closed.

You can download it from the app store or, although be warned: now if your party is flat you've only got your playlist to blame.