There’s something very odd about this painting of a wolf

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Joe Ellison

Mentally unstable gunmen give lone wolves a bad name, they really do.

Just take a quick glance at a painting of one of the creatures above. Majestically sat on its hind legs, howling away on its lonesome, it’s nature captured in all its fearsome glory. 

Or is it?

Your eyes could be deceiving you, for this creature is actually a live art scene made up of no less than three humans. Don’t worry though, they’ve not been imbibed by the hairy predator, just covered in body paint and artfully arranged to create a rather stunning optical illusion.

Crafted by artist Johannes Stötter, this Picasso of bodypainting ensured no ably twisted body part has been spared in bringing the creature to life. You can see how this unofficial wolf pack fit together in the video below.

Best of all, Wolverhampton Wanderers finally have that avant-garde new mascot they’ve been searching for.


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