There’s £4,000 waiting on a London street if you can find out where this camera is pointing


Talented music trio Moones have made a nifty little competition for London music fans looking to make some money before Christmas.

They’re offering £4,000 to anyone who can locate a particular wall in Central London and tweet in a code hidden on it.

"Hello money hungry misfits”," describes the Youtube page that is streaming the event. "We're giving away our £4000 music video budget to promote our debut album Modern Music Moguls which is what you're hearing playing over this live stream.

To stand a chance of winning the £4,000, all you have to do is locate the wall from the video (apparently it's in Zone 1 London) and retrieve a piece of chewing gum attached to it. Tweet in the code found behind the gum (hopefully it wasn’t chewed by a stranger) to the account @moones and you can win the band’s music video budget.

To make the quest easier, Moones have also promised to zoom the camera out every time the amount of views double on their live stream. What a nice bunch of boys. You should have a gander at their music here to say thank you.

So if you fancy winning the £4,000 kitty, jump onto the live stream here.

And for those looking to find out more about the band behind the music behind the marketing magic, have a look at Moones website here


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