There's a Tumblr for Wetherspoon’s carpets and it's weirdly fascinating


You know what you’re getting when you traipse into a Wetherspoon’s.

That familiar rabble of unshaven drunks at the bar. The sight of a Jamie Vardy lookalike necking three WKD Blues. His mate offering advice at the bandit. Prices so cheap you’ll question your own sanity. All part and parcel of a fantastic institution.

And then of course there are the carpets...

The pub world’s answer to bus seats, these loud and mismatched designs can cover up Curry Club overspills just as well as they can smalls pile of vomit - but look at them from a different angle and they start to resemble faded tapestries Indiana Jones would tell you belong in a museum. A really weird museum.

Well now thanks to the internet, you can visit a Tumblr page dedicated entirely to the carpets in Wetherspoon’s - simply - and marvel at some of the most headache-inducing designs rolled out across the chain, and photographed by fans of the blog.