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The worst first date ever

He shoots, he doesn't score

The worst first date ever
28 September 2011

Anyone who's either unwilling to spend the rest of their life alone or endured a Kate Hudson film, will know that first dates can be hit and miss.

Well, for poor Dean Mitchell Piraneo in Charlotte, North Carolina, his managed to be hit and miss.

Things started off well enough, or so we think, with a meal at a local steakhouse with his date. Once the sibling listing, slight foot touching and awkward glancing was over, the couple left the restaurant and returned to the man's car. But before either of them could say "coffee at mine", tragedy struck.

For some unknown reason, the 48-year-old man was reaching for his gun, which was chained up in a bicycle lock underneath the seat. As he pulled on it, the gun accidentally went off and shot him in the leg. He was then rushed to hospital, where he is currently recovering.

The question still remains, why reach for a gun at the end of a first date? Was he showing off? Or protecting himself? Or desperately trying to create a hilarious story to be told at their future wedding?

Whichever it was, we doubt date #2 is on the cards...

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(Image: Rex Features)