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The world's meatiest sandwich

Worth breaking your jaw for

The world's meatiest sandwich
21 May 2012

So apparently it's something called the 'National Vegetarian Week' at the moment or something. Well, yeah anyway so this happened instead.

To celebrate the launch of Man Vs Food Nation, a new spin on the hangover-friendly cult show, chef Tristan Welch has created the world's meatiest sandwich.

Consisting of 41 different meats (?!), it stands at 1.2 feet high, 24 inches wide and weighs over 28lbs. Included in the meaty fillings are 2kg of salami, 1kg of sausages, 720g of chorizo and 1,445g of ham.

It took more than four hours to make and it will apparently take someone 10 hours to finish it. Anyone think they could do it in 7? We'll pay to watch*.

*legally we can't actually do this

Check out this video with odd Austin Powers-esque tunes...